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AKA Media Group is a Multimedia company. Offering Production and Post-Production services and the capability to carry your next project from concept to screen delivered as Mp4, Youtube, DVD, uploaded to Dropbox however you need it. 

Timothy Geithner (Former U.S. Secretary of Treasury) 

Nancy Pelosi, Rob Reiner, Gavin Newsom Mark Curtis of KTVU

Dozens of book authors that have aired on CSPAN BOOKTV

We are a simple solution to your immediate need. You need a website, facelift, or hosting. We can help you!

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Website, SEO, Social Media & Hosting
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Video & Post-Production

AKA MEDIA GROUP - Filming - Editing - Website Design & Hosting Services -  Branding - SEO - Located in the San Francisco Bay Area

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I specialize in marketing from your perspective. If you need a commercial, recruiting video, website, it’s all marketing. How I got my start was as an inventor,  I needed a campaign to launch my product but could not afford PR costs, so I marketed on my own and got fantastic results. My campaign accomplishments included a spot on Oprah Winfrey, features and reviews in Redbook Magazine, Washington Post, People en Espanol, Ladies Home Journal, to name only a few from a larger list. 


Currently my work is specializing in video shoots and editing, website design, marketing, branding and hosting. I have observed the need for my services of producing target-market based commercials. My advantage over most marketers is the experience of owning my own product driven business. Behind the camera I am able to assist in producing a media tool to expose you to the masses and enhance your presence in your target market.


Karen Alvarez
Founder and Principal

Karen Alvarez, Principal AKA Media Group